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Leave it up to Gus and us. Cleaning up your community one tree at a time 

Let Hall Bunyan’s Tree Service Take Care of You

At Hall Bunyan’s Tree Service in Onalaska, WI, we aim to provide our customers with high-quality tree services. Whether you’re looking for affordable stump removal or thorough tree trimming to remove unsafe dead limbs, we’re just the solution for you. Our professionals go above and beyond to complete each job to your satisfaction and ensure your property is safe and free from bothersome trees, stumps, and broken limbs.  We serve La Crosse, Onalaska, Holmen, West Salem, and the surrounding areas.

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Our Services

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Tree Services

Improve the appearance of your home by removing or trimming cumbersome trees from your yard. Our tree services are the best around, and we promise to deliver high-quality results with any job we complete.

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Lot Clearing

Clear out trees and shrubs from your property to boost its appearance. We offer affordable lot clearing to make tackling your next project easier.

A little more about Hall Bunyans Tree Service

Kevin Hall is a United States Marine and holds it on his employees t-shirts over their hearts to remind him and others to lead his team with Honor Courage and Commitment both to the highest qualities and standards of his employees and his customers. I will not tolerate someone who is bringing the rest of our team down Hall says. I want my crews to work hard, give an honest days work and have a good time doing it he said. Hall Bunyan wants his teams to be diverse and interchangeable in every aspect of the job. I've seen too many companies over the years only teaching their employees one part of the job , which totally makes them worthless when it comes to surviving on his or her own if they had to someday, I'm not a selfish person, said Hall. I want to see people succeed in his or her lives, and our future generations to succeed with each other.

Having a tree business has always been a dream of Kevin Halls the owner of (Hall Bunyans); at a very young age Kevin was found at the very top of the trees growing up in Lacrosse on the top of Hickory Hill in Lacrosse WI. Call him crazy but some of the Happiest times in Hall Bunyans life was found cutting wood with dad up on top of Hickory Hill ranch. Kevin is a very well rounded tradesman and is driven and willing to teaching younger generations work ethic, troubleshooting situations at work and in his or her personal lives as well. Hall Bunyans employees have osha certifications,rigging,and equipment certifications from being in former labor union training centers.

Customer Focused

You and your property are our number one priority, and we prove it from beginning to the end of the project. When you call to speak with an expert about our tree services, we won’t put you through an automated system. Instead, one of our professionals will answer your call or return it briefly if you were sent to voicemail. It’s our priority to understand every detail of your project so we can show up to the job completely prepared and ready to help.

Tree Removal Process

Hall Bunyan’s Tree Service offers a variety of ways to safely remove your trees. Our options include boom trucks, tree climbing,—with and without spikes—repelling, and man lifts. We know your yard is important to you so we will do our best to make sure we protect your yard and clean up after ourselves. 

 High-Quality Work at Affordable Prices

Just because the warm season stops doesn’t mean we do! In addition to our tree services, we offer snow removal to help our residential and commercial clients clear out parking lots and driveways. No matter how much snow has accumulated, we will thoroughly plow your property to give your, your guests, or employees a clear and safe space to park and walk.  

Snow Plowing Available  

Removing dead or damaged trees is essential to keeping your property healthy and safe, which is why our veteran-owned company never overcharges for tree services or other options, including:

  • Yard Cleanup and Raking
  • Grass Seeding
  • Firewood
  • Wood Splitting
  • Bush Hogging
  • Fence Clearing
  • Installation of Rope Swings
  • Hanging of Exterior Christmas Lights
Winter tree work

Winter Time Is For Your Trees!

Winter tree work is preferably our favorite time to do tree work!! Tree work is a very physically demanding job and cool temperatures are very friendly to our employees body temperatures. Also the ground is frozen and makes entering property much more friendly to the customers lawns. Also trimming trees during the dormant season is when tree trimming is the safest for the health of your tree.

We also provide snow plowing and removal in the winters and have a total of three plow trucks and more to come. Skid steer snow removal and front end loaders are available. 

Screech Owl Houses

If you’re dealing with pesky or destructive squirrels on your property, considering having us install a screeching owl house. Natural predators, screech owls will reduce the number of squirrels and other small mammals present on your property. The houses we install are expertly crafted in Wisconsin by a local craftsman—the owner's father—and designed to attract screech owls to roost in your trees. This not only eliminates rodents from your property, but also gives local screech owls a safe, secure place to call home.

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If you’re ready to transform your property with the help of professional tree service experts, Hall Bunyan’s Tree Service in La Crosse County is ready to help you! Call us today and we’ll email you a free quote. 

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"We had Kevin and his crew out to cut 2 astronomical trees down. What a great and timely job. We were so happy and would definitely call again. Thanks again guys"

- Donna Neumann

"Kevin and his crew did a wonderful job taking down our enormous silver maple. Neat and tidy clean up job. We would use them again."

- Sally Spangler

"I called Hall Bunyon’s Tree Service and received a quote the same day. His quote was competitive and was they are able to get the job done quickly."

- Nick B.